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Artist couple Bardolim & Voronza lives and works in Berlin since 2007.


Sergey Voronzov was born in Moscow in 1960. Member of performance-group "Srednerusskaya Vozvyshennost". Scholarship holder of special program Ganderkesee at Kunsteuropa (1990), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (1992), Berlin Senate of Culture (1995), VW Foundation at Zitadelle Spandau (2000), Nomination for Kandinsky Prize (2009). Frontman and composer of Art-music-bands "Unterwasser" and "Animal Cops".

Juliana Bardolim was born in Potsdam in 1979. Studying at the University of Art to Berlin

(1999-2003), work as playwriter, art critic

at the Magazin "Art Chronic", author of books

"Art Berlin", "Art Vienna". 

Selected exebitions.


2021  "Horse with no name", Artplace Nitschke, Leipzig (DE)

2019  "Red October", Art Gallery Hamburg (Catalog) (DE)

2019  "Dynamo-Dynamo",  Fantom e.V., Berlin (DE)

2018  "Weiter so…" Künstlerhaus BETHANIEN (Catalog) (DE)

2017  "Red October", New Saxon Gallery (Catalog)

2017  "Exceptionally", Museum of Modern Art "Art4ru",  Moscow (RU)

2016  "Passion", LUDWIG Museum, Budapest (UN)

2016  "Fight the Art", Larry Show Berlin (DE)

2015  "Red Horizont", LUDWIG Museum, Budapest (UN)

2015  "Passion", Künstlerhaus BETHANIEN (Catalog) 

2015  "Fest" Zwietschermaschine, Berlin (DE)

2015  "Don´t touch me", Künstlerhaus BETHANIEN (DE)

2013  "Decoration of Beauty", The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow (RU)

2014  "ArtVilnius", Lithuania (Catalog) (LI)

2014  "Quelles sont nos ruines?", Rennes, France

2014  "Organize the Week of the Red Gift Everywhere", Free Museum, Berlin (DE)

2013  "Flying", Künstlerhaus BETHANIEN ( Catalog) (DE)

2011  4-th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (RU)

2010  "Frozen Bear", Den Helden, Netherlands (Catalog) (NE)

2010  "Stand still“, Gridchinhall, Moscow (RU)

2010  "Performance in Russia", Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow (RU)

2011  3-th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (RU)

2009  "My Tchaikovsky", ArtStrelka Gallery, Berlin (DE)

2009  "Europain Studios", Prize and exhibition,

Brussels (Catalog) (BE)

2009  "Born in the USSR“, Foreign Office, Berlin (Catalog) (DE)

2009  "Kandinsky Prize", Prize and exhibition,

London (Catalog) (EN)

2008  "Cosmos clothing", ArtStrelka Gallery, Moscow (RU)

2007  "Free Will", Prize and exhibition, Berlin (Catalog) (DE)

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